What We Do

In addition to a wide range of services, our strategic targets include the following






tender adjudication

Our skills and experience as Project Leader enable us to guide and serve the Client’s interests at this stage by overseeing the following:- Project resourcing in terms of the Project Professional Team, Design efficiency guidance, Project cost interrogation, Establishing control processes for the project duration. As Project Manager from concept stage, we set the project path to success.

Programme Management is dependent upon the needs, capabilities, and resources of the Client’s organisation and the specific challenges of their program or project. Crane together with the Client, through constructive engagement, develop a final scope of services to support the delivery programme of the project

We provide estimates and cost advice during all stages of the development of a project for the correct decisions to be made with full awareness of their financial implications. Our sophisticated techniques, extensive cost data banks and an intimate knowledge of building and construction economics enable us to provide reliable cost advice.

Cost planning enables decisions on various design alternatives to be made with actual costs being constantly monitored against original budgets. Our knowledge and experience gives us the platform from which we can impose strict financial disciplines on your project. Throughout the development we continuously update and revise our analysis so that costs are always controlled.

We are able to provide pre-design feasibility studies involving technical and/or economic investigations thereby enabling a client to decide whether, and in what form, to proceed. When you put your trust in us you are putting your trust in the hands of experienced and dedicated experts. We will ensure that your project is thoroughly analysed to ensure we come up with the most effective and efficient plan to move forward successfully.